The top French winery Château Montus & Château Bouscassé organized on weekend 18th-19th November a blind tasting with worldwide amateurs and wine experts. The wines selected were three Spanish Tempranillos, among them our AALTO PS 2010, three wines from Madiran region and three Italian Barolos. The great news is that our AALTO PS was the winner of the tasting directed by Alain Dutournier (2 Michelin star chef), Pierre Casamayor (journalist, La Revue du Vin France) and Hubert de Boüard (owner, Château Angélus Grand Cru Saint-Emilion).

The result was:

1st Position: AALTO PS 2010 (Spain)

2nd Position: Madiran Montus La Tyre 2010 (France)

3rd Position: Vega Sicilia Único 2000 (Spain)