20 years ago we started the AALTO project, and to celebrate this anniversary we have selected some barrels from different estates and vintages which we consider to be special and with a longer storage capacity: 450 bottles of a unique wine.

20 years have passed since the foundation of Aalto. The project started in 1999 in a small building in Roa (Burgos) and later on, in 2005, we moved to our current facilities located in Quintanilla de Arriba (Valladolid).

During all these years our winemaking philosophy has been the same since the very beginning: to create full of emotion and trendy wines with a complexity derived from more than 200 controlled Tempranillo plots together with the contribution of the old vineyards and the great work of our winemaker and technical director Mariano García.

The idea of making this XX Anniversary wine, as well as its design, has a very curious history behind that started at the end of 2018 when an executive from Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) came to visit our winery.

The collaboration with this recognized and important university, which is ranked among the 10 best universities on Art and Design worldwide, emerged during the wine tasting. The idea was to design a packaging for this XX Anniversary wine. We were looking for something very special that could be considered ‘’a small work of art’’ and it could symbolize our passion for land but without renouncing the modernity and design that characterize both the university and our winery.

More info at www.aalto.es/xxanniversary