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Fuente de las Hontanillas

Information on the vintage

The farming year started with a water deficit derived from the previous months. Autumn developed with smooth temperatures and little rainfall.

The year 2022 started with temperatures higher than usual and, until mid- January night temperatures did not abruptly decrease leading to severe frosts and sunny middays. This situation extended until late February. Rains were very scarce between January and February (less than 20 liters).

March ended up with instability, fresh temperatures and some rainfalls that helped to mitigate the drought suffered by the vineyards. Springtime started with a decrease of temperatures causing a bud break delay, consequently the frosts period of spring was saved. A heat wave with temperatures until 30ºC happened in mid-May being one of the driest months of the last decade.

June and July characterized by intense heat waves, without rains, becoming the warmest months since there are records. The harvest started in early September.


Origin of the grape

White wine aged in oak from mostly our verdejo vineyards located in Fuente de las Hontanillas (Quintanilla de Arriba – Valladolid) at an altitude higher than 850 meters. Other varieties: godello and albillo are used but in less percentage.


Tasting notes

It is a very fresh wine and with ample volume on the mouth derived from its permanence in 500-liter bocois. On the nose, this wine characterizes by its red apple fruity aroma with certain touch of citric notes.


Details of interest

September 2023

13% BY VOL.

ALLERGENS: sulphites

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